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  • Verizon is facing a service outage across USA.

Verizon appears to be suffering from a nationwide outage. Several users have reported getting no signal on their phones, with error messages of “No service” and “SOS only.”

DownDetector indicates that Verizon customers across the USA are suffering from network issues.

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The majority of reports are from the East Coast along New York, but there are plenty from other regions, Dallas, Houston, and even on the West Coast, with San Francisco and Los Angeles being affected.

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Users on X and Reddit are reporting service issues in their region, too.

Curiously, Verizon’s network status check only lets users check for their location. We can see that data, voice, and text services are limited in some regions, namely Houston.

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This is a developing story. We will be adding in more details. Please check back again in some time.

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