Harbor Freight offers a plethora of power tools, including the $99.99 Hercules 13 Amp Trigger Grip Angle Grinder. While using an angle grinder to produce presentable welds makes you a better grinder than a welder, it still has a place in every welding shop. In addition to sharpening lawn mower blades, a quality angle grinder is helpful in a home welding shop for deburring cut metal, smoothing torch-cut edges, and producing beveled edges before welding. Grinding is also an excellent way to dress up any unsightly welds or remove them altogether to try again when learning to weld.

The 10,000 rpm Hercules 13 Amp grinder includes three guards allowing the use of 4.5-, 5-, and 6-inch grinding wheels. The “aluminum gear case and reinforced plastic body” provide strength while keeping the unit’s weight below five pounds. Additionally, the trigger-grip design provides ergonomic control and comfort while grinding.

Of the 300 customer reviews, 258 are five stars, and 98 percent of customers recommend purchasing the Hercules grinder. Customers often enjoy the grinder’s power, price, and quality. The three sub-3-star comments include short life and stripped screws into the plastic body.

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