“If you were wondering what they’re using to train GPT-5, well, now you know.”

—John Levine, creator of a site designed to trap web crawling bots, explains his site has received millions of pings from OpenAI bots over recent days, as they indiscriminately hoover up internet data used to train AI models, 404 Media reports.

The big story

How robotic honeybees and hives could help the species fight back

October 2022

Something was wrong, but Thomas Schmickl couldn’t put his finger on it. It was 2007, and the Austrian biologist was spending part of the year at East Tennessee State University. During his daily walks, he realized that insects seemed conspicuously absent.

Schmickl, who now leads the Artificial Life Lab at the University of Graz in Austria, wasn’t wrong. Insect populations are indeed declining or changing around the world.

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