The Legacy was never the same level of automotive icon as the WRX or the Outback, but it was undoubtedly popular. You wouldn’t sell over 1.3 million of them over six generations and over 30 years if people didn’t take notice of the car. The Legacy’s legacy of putting Subaru on the map in the United States can’t be overstated though. If the Legacy didn’t start right off the bat with available features that people actually wanted, like all-wheel drive in a no-nonsense, reliable package, then who knows how long it would have taken for the brand to take hold in the States. 

Subaru even notes that if it weren’t for the Legacy, there would be no Outback, as the very first Outbacks were heavily built off the Legacy. This spring will be the last time you can buy a new Legacy, so if you really want to get a hold of Subaru’s historic sedan, you need to move fast.

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