Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S24

Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S24

The Spigen Liquid Air for the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a superb thin case that offers basic protection in an attractive package.

Spigen Liquid Air review: At a glance

  • What is it? The Spigen Liquid Air is a thin and light TPU case with an interesting pattern on the back. The review product was purchased by Android Authority.
  • What is the price? The Spigen Liquid Air retails for $30 MSRP, but with sales, it typically costs closer to $15-18.
  • Where can you buy it? You can buy the Liquid Air on Amazon or the official Spigen website.
  • Is it worth it? The Spigen Liquid Air is a case for just about anyone, as long as you don’t need maximum protection.

Should you buy the Spigen Liquid Air for the Galaxy S24 series?

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy S24 Camera lenses

Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

There are hundreds of white-label brands making simple TPU cases for the Galaxy S24 series, but if you want a more interesting design that doesn’t break the bank, check out the Spigen Liquid Air. It’s been one of my favorite basic cases for years, with a price point that’s hard to resist.

At its heart, it’s still a relatively thin TPU case, but the standout feature here is the triangular pattern on the back of the case. This adds some much-needed visual interest and a bit more grip than a completely smooth case. Although you can feel it if you run your finger over it, the pattern is relatively shallow, which means it’s easy to keep clean from dirt or grime.

The Liquid Air looks great, but it doesn’t add much grip.

That said, the finish doesn’t add any grip at all, and the slightly grippy texture on the sides might not be enough if you’re prone to dropping your smartphones. I don’t tend to drop my phone, but if you do, you might want something with a bit more grip. The plus side of the is that it slipped very easily into the pocket of my jeans, and the matte finish prevents smudges and fingerprints.

The buttons on the side of the case are raised and easy to find in my experience. However, they aren’t completely closed, with a small gap on either side of each button. This can lead to some dirt or lint sneaking into the case over time. TPU cases like this one are easy to take off though, and you can give it a rinse and a scrub in the sink before things get too out of hand. I did find this case much easier to keep clean than a clear TPU case, despite using the same material.

As for drop protection, the Liquid Air has Spigen’s standard Air Cushion technology, which adds a small air pocket to the four corners of your device. This should help prevent catastrophic damage if your phone lands right on a corner.

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy S24

Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

There are also raised lips around the screen and camera lenses to prevent scratches, but beyond that, the Spigen Liquid Air isn’t particularly rugged. This is a thin case, after all.

Most of Spigen’s cases come in very limited color options, and while the Liquid Air is a bit of an exception, there aren’t many color options for the Galaxy S24. The Deep Purple option I tested is one of the more interesting colorways, but otherwise, it’s limited to dark gray and black.

Still, it’s a nice thin case for the Galaxy S24 that adds just enough to stand out in a crowded field of thin TPU cases. Hovering around $15, it’s a pretty easy recommendation for most people, but if you need something with more protection you’re better off spending a bit more for a rugged case.

Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S24Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S24
AA Recommended

Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S24

Perfect fit • Lens protector compatible • Lightweight

Thin and light TPU case.

The Spigen Liquid Air for the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a superb thin case that offers basic protection in an attractive package.

What are the best Spigen Liquid Air alternatives?

Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S24

Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

As mentioned above, there’s no shortage of Spigen Liquid Air alternatives out there for the Galaxy S24. Spigen itself makes several, but here’s a quick roundup of some of Android Authority‘s favorites:

  • Spigen Thin Fit ($16.99 at Amazon): The Thin Fit is an even thinner hybrid case from Spigen. Although it’s much less interesting to look at, it has a nice, grippy finish. Like the Liquid Air, it won’t do much to protect your phone from serious drops.
  • Caseology Parallax ($17.99 at Amazon): The Parallax is from Spigen’s sister brand Caseology, and although it’s slightly thicker, it also has an interesting hexacore pattern on the back. Despite the interesting pattern and a plethora of color options, it’s every bit as affordable as the Liquid Air.
  • Crave Dual Guard ($15.99 at Amazon): While it doesn’t have quite the same pedigree as Spigen or Caseology, the Crave Dual Guard ticks the same boxes. It’s a relatively thin hybrid case with a textured back, but this time it has a rubbery texture to add more grip. It comes in a lot of great color options, too.

If you want even more options, check out our picks for the best cases for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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