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Captain Kirk has one. Captain Janeway has one. If Star Trek fans are going to insist on slowly but surely getting every major character a landmark in their hometown-to-be, Jonathan Frakes’ legendary Will Riker is certainly up there as a priority—especially one that celebrates his most iconic tactical maneuver.

We are, of course, not talking about him flinging an asteroid with a tractor beam like in Star Trek: Picard, but the actual Riker Maneuver—the wild, gangly way Frakes would mount any given seat by clearing his legs over it. A beloved move that Alaskan Trekkies Cameron Harrison, Patrick Campaign and Jessie Desmond are hoping will take physical form in a proposed bronzed statue of Riker mounting a memorial bench for good measure:

Image for article titled Riker's Hometown Wants to Put a Perfectly Postured Statue Up in His Name

Image: The Register

“I’m quite hopeful that the project will cross the finish line,” Harrison told the Register of the process to bring the statue to life—which already has the blessing of Star Trek owners Paramount, who have agreed to work with Frakes to acquire use of his likeness should Valdez officials grant permission for the statue and bench. “Ken Wilson, the director [of Valdez] Parks & Rec, is quite interested and feels like it will be an easy sell.”

Honoring one of the finest First Officers in Star Trek history is suitable enough, but it’s the design of the commemorative statue that’s really perfect here. Fingers crossed Valdez will approve honoring its fictional future son, so the idea of a life sized, bronze Jonathan Frakes ambling over a bench will be made reality.

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