A scuba diver swims beside a giant whale in Endless Ocean Luminous.

A new entry in the Endless Ocean series, Endless Ocean Luminous, was revealed at the February Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase. It will be available on Nintendo Switch on May 2, 2024.

The final game highlighted in Nintendo’s Partner Showcase was the latest entry in the deep-sea exploration series, titled Endless Ocean Luminous. The trailer invites players to dive deep into an underwater landscape never before seen by humans called the Veiled Sea. Perhaps borrowing some rogue-lite elements, the area is said to be unique on each dive the player makes. While what can change between dives was not explicitly stated, we do see various underwater temples, shipwrecks, undersea biomes, and over 500 species of marine life that are elements most likely to be randomized.

Endless Ocean Luminous will also feature online multiplayer for up to 30 players. In addition to exploring the oceans, players are able to share things they’ve found on their own and perform emotes to communicate. In addition to real-world undersea life, players will also be able to encounter both extinct and mythical creatures during their dives.

Endless Ocean first launched as a Wii exclusive in 2008 in North America, with a sequel, Endless Ocean 2: Blue World, arriving in 2010. Each entry puts players in the flippers of a diver tasked with exploring a different fictional sea, documenting sea life, and seeking out hidden treasures. Each features a unique plot to frame the diver’s motivations and guide them to discover new secrets, but no context was given for Endless Ocean Luminous in its Nintendo Direct segment.

Endless Ocean Luminous will launch for the Nintendo Switch on May 2, 2024. Preorders begin today, and the purchase of this game comes with a free seven-day trial for Nintendo Switch Online.

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