The Expert Grill 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill can tuck extra food in the opened lid.
Expert Grill

If you like grilling and cooking outdoors, you probably like doing so for the family experiences, great flavors, and unique atmosphere that outdoor cooking provides. You’re not alone, however, if you like doing it because it provides a nice dining experience at made-at-home prices. In the spirit of this sentiment, shared by many, we’ve found a deal for you on a propane grill for under $100. It’s a Walmart Memorial Day sale treat, which brings the Expert Grill 3-Burner from $107 to $96, saving you $11 or approximately 10%. Tap the button below to find it yourself or keep reading to see everything this grill can do and all of the neat extras it has tucked away.

Why you should buy the Expert Grill 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

First, the grill’s essentials. With extended side arms and sitting on tall legs, the Expert Grill 3-Burner’s body is just under four feet tall and four feet wide, pushing back to a depth of just under two feet. Your propane tank should also fit within that area, more or less. It grills at 27,000 BTU on a main grill area of 300 square inches — enough for about 15 burgers — and has an additional 150 square inches of extra rack for warming and heat retention so stragglers to the table won’t get their food burnt or too cool.

The Expert Grill 3-Burner has some hidden-in-plain-sight extras that you should know about before you buy, as well. The tool hooks on the left-hand side go great with your tongs and spatulas, especially as they have a slim hole on the handle. The hooks raise up slightly, meaning things should hold on even if you use the wheels to roll the grill into a new position. A removable grease tray and the porcelain-coated cooking grates will keep your cooking area clean while you work your magic.

So, if you want to make sure that cooking at home stays at cooking-at-home prices, check out the Expert Grill 3-Burner while it is under $100. Remember, it has dropped from $107 to $96, saving you $11. Then, check out other deals like this in the Walmart Memorial Day sale.

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