Generative AI assistants have become so widely used that shortcuts to access these tools have been physically integrated into many new laptop keyboards. Logitech has taken a different approach, placing a shortcut to access ChatGPT in its keyboards and mice without adding a new physical key. 

On Wednesday, Logitech unveiled its new Logi AI Prompt Builder, a software window that helps users access the chatbot’s assistance without interrupting their workflow. 

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Within the Logi + Option app, users can access the Low AI Prompt Builder for free and create a shortcut key on their mouse or keyboard that automatically opens the Logi AI Prompt Builder software window when ChatGPT assistance is needed. 

Once the window opens, it will offer users suggested queries based on the text they selected to work with according to pre-defined recipes of common queries, such as Rephrase or Summarize, says Logitech. Users can also customize queries to best meet their end goal, with options to change tone, length, style, and more, as seen below.  


In addition to helping users get easier access to ChatGPT by circumventing the requirement to copy and paste text into a browser manually, the Low AI Prompt Builder also makes prompt writing easier with its pre-determined “recipes” and customization dropdowns. 

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“New Logi AI Prompt Builder is a shortcut to AI fluency for anyone with a Logitech mouse or keyboard compatible with Logi Options+ software who wants easily to access AI’s limitless potential,” said Delphine Donné, general manager of personal workspace solutions at Logitech.

Users can access Logi AI Prompt Builder today for free, as long as they are using a Logitech keyboard or mouse supported by the English version of the Logi + Option app, which includes some of the company’s most popular lines, including the Logitech MX, Ergo, Signature, and Studio Series, according to the press release. 

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In short, the free software converts the users’ keyboard or mouse into a tool with a shortcut to access ChatGPT without upgrading the hardware. However, if you want to upgrade your mouse, Logitech has also launched a new wireless mouse, the Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse. 

The mouse has an AI prompt button that offers a shortcut to the Logi AI Prompt Builder. Logitech says the mouse will be available “this month” on the Logitech website in the US for $49.99 and in the UK. 

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