The cloud-based phone service Google Voice is easy to use, giving anyone who installs it their own phone number that can be used to make calls and send text messages. Recording calls through these means isn’t especially difficult, but the setup needs may differ depending on your Google account. 

If you have a personal Google account, be sure to go into the Settings section of the Voice app and enable Turn on Incoming Calls under the Calls setting. Once that is complete, record your calls as follows: 

  1. Answer the incoming Google Voice call.
  2. Tap 4 to begin recording, which will also notify both parties that the call will be recorded. 
  3. Tap 4 or hang up to stop recording. Both parties will be informed that the recording has ended.

If you’re using a Google Workspace account, you will need to purchase a Google Voice plan and license ranging in price from between $10 and $30 per user per month. Here’s how to go about recording: 

  1. Tap Record. An announcement will let all parties know that recording has commenced. 
  2. Tap Stop Recording or hang up to end it. Another announcement will let everyone know that the recording has finished

Depending on the subscription plan, your calls will either be recorded manually or automatically. Even in instances where recording is automatic, all parties will be informed when call recording has begun. 

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