Once you’ve sorted out how to play games on Amazon’s Fire TV, you’ll need the right gear in hand to do so. After all, you cannot play games on Fire TV or virtually any other online gaming outlet without a separate controller. The good news is the hardcore gamers out there likely already have the gear they need to play games on Fire TV lying around, as most wireless controllers should work with the platform.

If, however, you’re looking to get the most out of your Fire TV gaming experience, you should know Amazon makes a device specifically for use with the platform, the Luna Controller. You might also like to know that the Luna Controller comes with a free month of access to Luna+ and would make a fine addition to your collection of Fire TV accessories. Whether you go with Amazon’s controller or not, you still need to pair it with Fire TV before you get gaming. Follow these steps to pair your controller with Fire TV.

  1. Put your controller in pairing mode, then select Settings.
  2. Click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices and choose Game Controllers.
  3. Select Add New Controller.
  4. Once the game controller’s name appears on the screen, you can confirm pairing using your Fire TV remote      

With your controller up and running with Fire TV, you should be free to game away to your heart’s content.  

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