The main reasons you’ll want to look up the serial number of an Apple device are to verify its purchase date and to check if you’re eligible for technical support, repairs, and services. Follow these steps to use Apple’s online web tool to look up the serial number:

  1. Locate your Apple device’s serial number (see “How to find your Apple device’s serial number” below).
  2. Go to Apple’s Check Coverage webpage to use the serial number verification tool.
  3. Type the serial number into the tool’s search bar.
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA verification to prove you are not a bot.
  5. After you’ve completed the form, the website will display information about your device.

If you’re within 60 days of the validated purchase date of your device, you’ll have the option of adding AppleCare to extend your device’s coverage. However, as good as it might be, AppleCare doesn’t protect everything. Even if your device’s coverage has expired, you can schedule paid service and repairs or get in touch with technical support from the website.

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