Here’s What Happened To Lisa Kelly From ‘Ice Road Truckers’

Many fans may wonder if “Ice Road Truckers” will ever return to the small screen, and if that were to happen, would Lisa Kelly be in the cast? It’s no secret that things on the History Channel series weren’t always glamorous for Kelly. In 2018, the reality star said in an eye-opening interview with Heavy Duty Trucking that she was told she was only hired to be “eye candy” and didn’t get paid by the show for the first few years. Even though things got off to a rough start, Kelly and the series both have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and she can’t believe it lasted as long as it did. “I don’t know how it went so long. I’m just pleasantly surprised,” she said in the interview. “‘Friends’ was on for 10 seasons, you know?”

While the experience has obviously had its ups and downs, Kelly hopes the program hasn’t aired its last episode, and it seems she isn’t opposed to being a part of it if it returns. In fact, when she was asked about what’s going on with “Ice Road Truckers” when talking with Overdrive in 2021, Kelly said, “The show’s been on hiatus for a while and I wish it would come back and I know there’s been talk of it but I feel like this whole COVID thing kind of put a stop on everything which sucks, so I don’t know.” So if a new season ever does happen and Kelly gets the call, it’s safe to assume she might be back behind the wheel and in front of the cameras again.

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