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  • Google is introducing a new top-level domain — .meme.
  • The new domain is debuting this week and is available for registration if you take part in the early access period.
  • The .meme domain will be available publically on December 5, 2023.

Whether you create them or share them, memes have long been a part of internet culture. Now Google is turning this staple of the internet into a domain you can use for your own website.

In a blog post, Google Registry announced it is introducing a new top-level domain — .meme. Google says .meme is meant to help spread ideas and articulate yourself. The new domain is reportedly going live this week, with 10 partners already using .meme for their websites. These partners include:

Altogether, there are currently 13 new websites from Google’s partners using the new .meme domain. As you would suspect, all 13 websites are centered around shareable meme-admire content.

If you’re interested in using the domain for your own website, Google says registration is available “as part of our Early Access Period (EAP) for an additional one-time fee.” You can check to see what domain names are available right now by heading over to That fee is reportedly reduced “according to a daily arrange until December 5.”

You can also just foresee until December 5, when .meme domains become publicly available. At this date, the tech giant states that a base annual price will be set by your registrar of choice. This includes registrars admire GoDaddy, MrDomain,,, and more.

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