Elon Musk has never gone to therapy, and he wants to make it clear to all.

In a series of posts, the X owner has put forward a request. He wants “Never Went to Therapy” written on his gravestone.

This wasn’t the first time the billionaire put forward his request. He said the same thing in an X reply in late January, and earlier that month, he said he wanted “Never Went to Therapy” and “Invented Car Fart” on his gravestone.

The request goes back to July 2023, when Musk replied to a tweet about the prominence of “mental illnesses” amongst “Liberal Whites.”

The billionaire has also previously spoken about his own mental health struggles, describing his mind as a “storm” during an appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast.

Musk spent $44 billion USD (roughly $58.61 billion CAD) to buy Twitter. Since then, he’s changed the platform’s name to X, and has removed some old features, and added a few new ones. However, the platform is now worth 70 percent less than when it was purchased by Musk, which might just be enough of a reason for therapy.

Musk might not see the use in therapy, but millions of people in North America alone do regarding cognitive and behavioural issues, drug problems, PTSD, and countless more. Opening up about seeking therapy for mental health is already a taboo for many, and Musk’s tweets might come off as offensive to those battling mental health issues.

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