In 2023, The Independent reported how Twitch streamer “Curtoss,” who was shaving his head for charity, was shocked to find an indent on his scalp due to long-term headphone use. Although a head indent is likely a temporary issue that will improve with time and didn’t cause him any pain, it is a very visual sign when something isn’t right with your device’s fit.

With so many headphones worth buying in the market, the fit should definitely be a factor when you choose which one to take home. Because each person’s head is slightly different, there’s no one perfect design for everyone. 

When it comes to headphones, there are three common designs, which you can choose from: in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear. In addition, there are a few telling factors that you should consider when considering comfort, such as the weight and materials.

For example, you’ll want headphones with a headband that is tight enough for the ear pads to stay in place but not too tight that you feel numbness in your outer ear. As for the ear pads, the amount of padding and material used can impact how breathable it is.

Before purchasing your earbuds or headphones, it’s best to check reviews from other users who own the same model. Afterward, you can visit a physical store and try them on yourself. If you’re buying them from an online retailer, you can check if they have return policies that cover a change of mind.

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