Baseline claims it will provide collaborative open spaces for early-stage founders and claims to be offering something different to a co-working environment.

A new workspace is set to launch in Dublin to provide a new collaborative location for high-growth tech start-ups.

The “hackspace” – called Baseline – is located in Dublin’s Liberties and is being advertised as a “flexible environment” for early-stage founders and people who are creating, building, investing and experimenting. The new facility is scheduled to open in June 2024.

Baseline said the workspace will include various facilities such as a kitchen, showers, collaborative open spaces and private rooms. The workspace is also sharing different pricing options for founders based on where they are on their funding journey – pre-investment start-ups pay a cheaper price than those that have received seed funding, for example.

The location appears to share similarities to a co-working hub, offering an open location for start-ups to work and to collaborate with others in their sector. But Baseline is attempting to stand out from locations like this and says it is not “co-working, hot-desking, or serviced offices”.

“We are a place for founders to collaborate with their team, learn from peers, and be plugged into wider network of European founders, early-stage risk takers, and investors,” Baseline says on its website. “We are here for the founders who are following their own path, rather than looking for a playbook.”

Baseline says it is privately funded and “entirely independent of government funding”, while having a focus on “value creation” over job creation. Baseline also claims its members will gain access to “invite-only gatherings and events” that will include “world-class” founders and investors.

The workspace is being backed by Broadstone, an investment syndicate that includes founders, angels, developers, designers and product managers. Broadstone’s Eamon Leonard and Fiona Kelly will be leading Baseline, according to a report from The Business Post.

“Baseline is a workspace and community focused on helping serious technical and commercial founders thrive.

Last month, Kerry’s RDI Hub – the innovation centre for start-ups and small tech companies – revealed a new virtual service that aims to expand its offerings to a larger pool of people across the island of Ireland.

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