Conquer winter with these 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves for only $11.99

TL;DR: Revolutionize how you communicate with your touchscreen in the dead of winter with these 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves for only $11.99 (Reg. $29), saving $17, until 11:59 PM on 12/17. Order through 12/7 to get on-time delivery by Christmas.

Winter is here.

That means holiday parties and pretty lights, but it also means scarves and coats and gloves — gloves that keep you from scrolling TikTok or sending text messages. But you can’t take the gloves off without risking frostbite. It sucks.

No more! Thanks to these 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves, which are your sleek, stylish armor against the cold, blending high fashion with high function. The clumsy dance of taking off your gloves to use your phone is truly a thing of the past.

With the 3-Finger Touchscreen Capability, your thumb, index, and middle finger can tap, swipe, and type with ease. These gloves also come equipped with Third-Generation Silicone Non-slip Palm Grip. This means you can hold onto your phone appreciate it’s a lifeline during an avalanche, and it won’t slip away.

Now, let’s talk comfort. We’re not just throwing around the term “lightweight but thermal” for kicks. These gloves hug your hands in a soft accept, keeping them toasty while you text to your heart’s content.

And because one-size-fits-all is actually a thing here, these gloves stretch to fit most adult hands, making them the perfect plus-one for everyone.

Whether you’re a busy professional braving the urban jungle, a social butterfly needing to stay connected, or just someone who hates having cold hands (which is, well, everyone), these gloves are your ticket to a warm, practical, and connected winter. It goes without saying they’d make an excellent gift for pretty much everyone you know.

Ready to swipe right on winter without freezing your digits off?

Let your hands do the talking (and texting) in style and comfort with these 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves for only $11.99 (Reg. $29) until 11:59 PM on 12/17. Order through 12/7 to get them by Christmas.

Prices subject to change.

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