Car smashes windows at Naperville Apple Store

Naperville Apple Store [via Tess Kenny/Naperville Sun/Chicago Tribune]

Police are investigating a possible burglary at Naperville, Chicago on Monday, after a car smashed through an Apple Store window after-hours.

On attending the scene, officers were greeted by a silver-colored car embedded in the window of the store, but no one else was at the scene at that time, reports the Chicago Tribute. While it is unclear if it was an attempted robbery or an accident, police did discover the security shutters of the store were partially open.

According to one police officer, a car drove “straight through the parking lot” across the street before entering the storefront. Photographs of the scene indicate the vehicle smashed open the doors of the building, rather than any other window panels.

The store has reportedly been the venue for numerous attempts at theft over the years. One of the more notable incidents occurred in 2010, when more than $24,000 in products were stolen during an early morning break-in.

This isn’t the first car crash into an Apple Store. In November 2022, an SUV crashed through the glass of Apple Derby Street in Hingham, Massachusetts, which the driver insisted was an accident. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, while at least 20 people were severely injured in the event.

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