Warcraft Rumble


  • Blizzard has published a launch trailer for its newly released mobile game Warcraft Rumble.
  • Warcraft Rumble is a tower defense-like game based on the Worlds of Warcraft universe.
  • The game was introduced last year as Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

If you’re a mobile game connoisseur, you may have been keeping an eye on Warcraft Rumble. The game went live today and its publisher Blizzard has released a new launch trailer.

Last year, Blizzard revealed a new game coming to Android and iOS called Warcraft Arclight Rumble. The developer later dropped Arclight from the name, but the concept of the gameplay remained the same.

It’s a tower defense-like experience that uses heroes and villains from the World of Warcraft universe. These characters appear as miniaturized versions of themselves that the player can collect and pit against well-known bosses from the world of Azeroth. Altogether, there are 65 Warcraft minis you can gather.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal any kind of story or explain how the game is played. But it is a fun and cute two-minute animation that shows some of Warcraft’s iconic warriors dueling it out with a dragon and its countless minions.

Blizzard says the game has a player vs everyone (PvE) mode where you can play through campaign maps and dungeons. It also has a player vs player (PvP) mode for multiplayer fun.

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