Sonos is one of the oldest multiroom audio systems on the market and also one of the most successful. Since the way we consume digital music has changed from playing MP3s to streaming services and beyond, the audio system has also adapted and grown. 

Sonos began as a way to play iTunes playlists on your existing speakers, and it’s grown to support streaming music services on a range of tabletop speakers, amplifiers, soundbars and subwoofers. Controlling the system began with a desktop app and the CR100 handheld controller, then it grew to mobile apps and voice assistants. Sonos now offers a range of speakers, which include a choice of either Google Assistant, Alexa or Sonos Voice onboard (One, Beam and Arc).

Here are some things about the product line that you need to know:

  • Works without a hub over a standard Wi-Fi network (no Bluetooth except for the Roam and the Era series).
  • Supports over 100 streaming services.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, though the Era speakers don’t have Google Assistant.
  • Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.
  • The new S2 system supports hi-res (i.e., Dolby TrueHD and Atmos) while legacy Sonos systems only carry 16-bit/44.1kHz.
  • Stream your analog-connected music around the house (with Amp, Five or Port).
  • Beam Gen 2, Era 300 and Arc include Dolby Atmos

Sonos One Sonos One

The One is our favorite Sonos speaker.

Sarah Tew/CNET

With the arrival of its S2 operating system, the company has replaced many of its legacy products while also introducing new ones. In 2022 alone, the company announced the Sonos Ray soundbar and the Sonos Sub Mini. If you own older components, especially ones with “Zone” in the title, they aren’t interoperable with the new system.

The currently available Sonos lineup is as follows:

  • Sonos Roam: $179 — Bluetooth and Wi-Fi outdoor speaker.
  • Sonos One SL: $199 — small tabletop audio speaker without microphones (discontinued).
  • Sonos One (Gen 2): $219 — smart table audio speaker with onboard voice assistant (discontinued).
  • Sonos Era 100: $249 — smart speaker with Bluetooth and stereo sound.
  • Sonos Ray: $279 — soundbar with optical connection.
  • Sonos Beam Gen 2: $450 — soundbar with voice assistant and HDMI.
  • Sonos Move $399: — portable smart speaker with water resistance.
  • Sonos Sub Mini: $429 — compact wireless subwoofer.
  • Sonos Port: $449 — streaming add-on box for existing systems, analog input/output.
  • Sonos Era 300: $449 — tabletop speaker with Dolby Atmos spatial audio and Bluetooth.
  • Sonos Five: $549 — large tabletop audio speaker.
  • Sonos Amp: $699 — amplifier with analog input.
  • Sonos Sub: $749 — wireless subwoofer.
  • Sonos Arc: $899 — Dolby Atmos soundbar.

There are also three speakers from Ikea that work with the Sonos system: the Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf Wi-Fi Speaker, the $181 Symfonisk Speaker lamp base (which replaces the Table Lamp) and the Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame.

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