Silence — Higher-end dishwashers from companies like Bosch have sound ratings as low as 38 decibels. If you were in the same room as that dishwasher while it was running, you wouldn’t be able to hear it. Quiet performance is a priority for a lot of dishwasher manufacturers. You’ll usually pay more for the quietest models, but it can be a nice option to search for if you live in a small place or are sensitive to noise.


The Infolight shines when the dishwasher is running, so you’ll be able to tell, even if you can’t hear it.


Infolight — Some quieter dishwashers also have an Infolight that shines on the ground. They work so quietly that the light helps you know when they’re actually running a wash cycle. Bosch and Electrolux models both use these lights, which are a nice convenience and can provide some extra entertainment if you have a cat.

Easy rack — Certain LG dishwashers let you raise and lower the upper rack with a simple lever. While not a fancy feature, shifting the adjustable upper rack is particularly convenient if you need to fit tall pots and pans on the bottom for one load then tall glasses on top in the next batch. 


Watch this: I’m way too excited about this Electrolux ComfortLift dishwasher

Comfortlift — The Comfortlift feature from Electrolux’s parent company AEG excites me. It would probably be featured higher on this list if it was available in the US. You pull out the bottom rack and it pivots and lifts up so you don’t have to bend over to unload and load the dishes. It’s awesome, but for now, all we can do is wait and hope that the feature will be available stateside someday. 

With the right feature, a new dishwasher could exceed your expectations when helping out around the house. Check out our dishwasher buying guide to know what else you can expect for your money and you’ll be able to find the perfect machine for your household.

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