SAVE $21: A 4-pack of Apple AirTags is on sale for $78, down from $99, as of Feb. 24. That’s 21% off.

It’s a neverending quest to keep track of our phone, wallet, and keys every time we leave the house. And the chaos only gets worse when you pack a bag and hit the road, hoping all of your favorite clothes and tech make it to their destination in one piece. Add an easy tracker to the mix and give yourself some peace of mind with today’s deal on Apple AirTags.

As of Feb. 24, a 4-pack of Apple AirTags is on sale for $78, down from $99. That’s 21% off, and a dollar less than the last time we featured AirTags on sale.

AirTags are an incredibly easy and effective way to keep track of any item you choose. Once you activate one and sync it to your phone, its battery can last over a year, and you can see your item’s precise location (up to feet away with Precision Finding) using the Find My app. When you’re looking for a nearby item, you can sound an alert through the Find My app, and the AirTag will play an audible chime. Plus, there are no location limitations, so you can see where your item is even if it’s across the world.

If you’re worried about someone possibly tracking you with an AirTag (which is a valid concern), know that your iPhone (and Android, thanks to Google’s Unknown Tracker Alerts) will let you know if it detects that an unknown tracking device has been following you, and Google and Apple are working on improving location track security.

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Grab a 4-pack of Apple AirTags and throw one in every item you care about keeping track of, then forget about it until you need it.

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