Siri on iPhone

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand has problems with Siri like everyone else, but she got to fix her irritation by phoning up Tim Cook.

Siri’s pronunciation of names and places is pretty good as far as text-to-speech goes, but it’s not perfect. In one instance where Siri was getting it slightly wrong, one very famous user decided to complain to the top of Apple.

Recounting the 2016 story to BBC News in promotion of her new memoir, “My Name is Barbra,” Streisand was unhappy with the way her last name was being said by Siri. The singer didn’t like how Siri was saying the name as if it was “Streizand” instead of “Streisand.”

“My name isn’t with a Z. It’s Strei-Sand, like sand on the beach, now how simple can you get?” the singer told the interviewer.

In trying to solve the problem, Streisand decided to complain to the company. “I figured I’d better call Apple, the head of Apple, you know, Tim Cook. And he had Siri change the pronunciation of my name to be correct.”

“That’s one perk of fame,” Streisand concluded.

Getting support from Tim Cook over Siri wasn’t Streisand’s only notable brush with technology. The Streisand Effect, the phenomenon when someone attempts to censor information online but instead it propagates to a much wider audience, is named after the singer’s failed 2003 lawsuit to eliminate a photograph of her mansion from a coastline erosion project.

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