Apple notes iPhone 15 charging problem with BMWs, Supras

Some BMWs cause iPhone 15 charging problems

Apple has acknowledged a problem that can temporarily deactivate the Near-Field Communications (NFC) capabilities of iPhone 15 series devices when used with the wireless charging systems in some BMW and Toyota Supra models.

Apple has posted a service bulletin through its authorized service provider network that notes the problem, linking it to the use of a “small number” of wireless chargers included with some BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles.

Service recommendations outlined by Apple include resetting the NFC chip in the iPhone using Apple Service Toolkit 2, a software utility used at Apple retail stores and authorized service providers. The fallback is to send the iPhone to Apple for hardware repair.

Apple released iOS 17.1 on Wednesday, which did not fix the issue, so look for the change in an upcoming release.

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