Apple has sent press invites for a special event on May 7th, 2024. The event, called ‘Let Loose,’ features a title graphic that shows a hand using an Apple Pencil, heavily suggesting that this event will be about iPads.

Since the release of the M3 MacBook Air in early 2024, there have been rumours of new iPad Pro and iPad Air models with updated chips, screens and even a new Apple Pencil with new tips.

The most notable leak so far is that the case manufacturer ESR has already started selling iPad cases for the rumoured 12.9-inch iPad Air. Beyond a larger screen option, the new iPad Air models are expected to feature the M2 chip.

The iPad Pro is expected to move to an OLED screen that will increase the contrast ratio on the already impressive tablet. This iPad line should move to the M3 chip.

Regardless of all the leaks, we’re close enough to the event that all will be revealed soon. I’m all calling it now that they play Footloose during the event’s intro.

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