An iPhone OLED screen

A new industry report says that Apple will bring its previously Pro-only Always-On and 120Hz ProMotion screen refreshing to the base iPhone models in 2025.

After introducing 120Hz ProMotion with the iPad Pro back in 2017, Apple brought it to the iPhone with the iPhone 13 Pro in 2021, giving it a faster, smoother feel when scrolling. Since then, it has remained a feature of only the higher-end Pro models of the iPhone, but industry sources say this will change in 2025.

According to The Elec, the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus will both get OLED displays using low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) panels. These panels are what allow the screen refresh to go up to 120Hz when needed, giving it what Apple calls ProMotion.

The same panels can also be slowed down to just 1Hz when necessary. This is how Apple’s Always-On displays work.

Whether Apple does this for the 2025 iPhone range reportedly depends, however, on display manufacturer BOE. While the firm has delivered LTPO screens to manufacturers such as Huawei, it has only sent Apple a sample.

That sample was sent in late 2023, which The Elec says means it would not be possible to ramp up manufacture in time for the iPhone 16 range. There are also seemingly doubts over BOE’s ability to meet Apple’s requirements, and the publication says that Apple may even assist BOE with what it describes as more training.

Separately, BOE has reportedly had problems delivering OLED screens for the forthcoming iPhone SE 4. BOE has generally had a stormy relationship with Apple, including an incident where it was allegedly caught making an unauthorized change to the design of the iPhone 13 displays.

Note that The Elec is a decent source of information from within Apple’s supply chain, but it is less accurate in predictions it forms about what Apple will do.

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