If you’re a longtime gadget hound, then the name Archos may ring a bell. Based in France, Archos was — before Apple changed the world with the iPhone and iPod Touch — one of the few companies that made feature-rich portable media players.

By 2011, Archos had long since switched to making Android-based products, and in June of that year, SlashGear got a hands-on look at the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like: A cordless phone for use with copper landlines or VoIP lines. Though not formally reviewing it, Chris Davies didn’t seem like a fan and didn’t really see the point of the product, especially since it offered slow, unresponsive performance. Android Central, in a formal review, also had issues with the performance, singling out the touchscreen as “abysmal.”

It doesn’t look like the Smart Home Phone made a good impression on anyone, and few others tried the concept again. The Zenitel SMART1-SM-HS Android-based DECT handset saw service aboard ships, but has since been discontinued.

In 2024, though, there’s a clear use case for an Android-based landline phone: Filtering out spam and scam calls, as landline and VoIP users currently have limited options to block nuisance calls. The best options, by far, are Android and iOS apps. A decent Android cordless phone system with Google Play Store access or a partnership with an anti-spam app would be a big problem-solver for aging Americans.

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