Perhaps the most important specification for any EV is range. According to a press release, GMC announced that the range was better than initially announced. Initially, when the details of the Sierra EV came to light, the highest range available was 400 miles. Now, that’s been updated to 440 miles, and it’s the first feature where the GMC stands out. That puts it above the 320-mile F-150 Lightning, the 410-mile Rivian R1T, the 340-mile (estimated) Tesla Cybertruck, and the 381-mile GMC Hummer truck. It matches the proposed range for the similar Chevy Silverado EV. Ahead of the launch of the Silverado EV, it will be the longest-range EV truck on the market.

440 miles also puts it within the class of notable range monsters like the Lucid Air or Tesla Model S. Secondly, it has a charging speed of 350 kW, which GMC says can charge the battery at a speed of 100 miles in 10 minutes. Thirdly, while not unique to the Sierra EV, it’s capable of utilizing another exciting feature: the Super Cruise driver assistance system, which has been expanded to 750,000 mapped miles of hands-free driving.

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