Hiring roofers can be expensive, so when the time comes to replace your roof, you can grab a nailer and do it yourself. If you’re up to the task, the Makita Corded Roofing Nailer is a fine choice, as evidenced by its 4.3 out of five score on Home Depot’s website. While the nailer is the most important part, this purchase comes bundled with a hex wrench, pneumatic nailer oil, safety glasses, and air fitting for $249.

This is a corded option, so you’ll likely have to drag an extension cord along the roof of your home while working. Once that hassle is taken care of, you’re getting a solid and reliable option that weighs just 5.2 pounds. The lightweight design makes it easy to use over several hours, and your biggest issue will be the hot summer day with the sun beating down on you. As is the case with Makita products, if you have trouble using the nailer, you’re covered by the three-year limited warranty.

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