In coordination with a tire inflator, it’s a good idea to keep a tire repair kit on hand for any mishaps that may befall your group and vehicle. Regardless of the inflation level you’re running with, there will almost certainly come a time when a puncture threatens to derail your ride, at least for a short time. The terrain can be demanding, and all kinds of hazards can come together to leave your tires incapacitated. The Maddox Heavy Duty Automotive Tire Repair Kit costs $22 and can get you back on the hunt for the next big thrill in minutes rather than hours.

The kit comes with 60 self-vulcanizing repair cords and a reamer and insertion tool that feature large T-handles to provide ample grip and leverage on the repair surface. The kit includes everything required to fix nearly any tread puncture you might run up against and is conveniently housed in an organized carrying case. The set contains pliers, a knife, and hex keys as well for full variability in the repair specifics. Valve stems, cores, caps, and a four-in-one core tool are also features in the kit to round out a truly versatile staple of modern driving and emergency repair.

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