Earlier this month at the University of Alberta, Edmonton police and university administration came under fire after a social media video appeared to show EPS officers forcefully removing pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Now the president of the university has received a vote of non-confidence from some of the faculty.

Edmonton’s police chief Dale Mcfee claimed investigators had evidence the protest had become an encampment. Police also shared video taken from other angles when the demonstration was cleared out.

University President Bill Flanagan has received criticism over his decision to call in police. As a result, the Faculty of Arts Council has given him a vote of non-confidence. Political science professor David Kahane was there when police came in.

“My view is that if he has not engaged in a major change of course. Taking accountability and meeting student demands, he does not deserve to serve another term,” said Kahane.

Professor Kahane says while a vote of non-confidence from the arts faculty doesn’t trigger any job action for the university president, he is hoping that will be a factor when President Flanagan is considered for a second term next month.

“He needs to be able to re-assure that it will never happen to the community again, and do what they should have done on day one. Which is talk to the students about their reasonable demands, which is to disclose and divest.”

CityNews reached out to the University of Alberta for a response, and officials say the president continues to consult with faculty and students.

Additionally, in a statement to CityNews, the Ministry of Advanced Education says the U of A has its own procedures in place for governance.

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