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Re “French hero gains Australian residency for confronting killer in Sydney mall attack” (The Associated Press, April 18): Well done that the Aussie government recognized this act of bravery. Sadly, had this occurred in Canada he would have been jailed and charged with assault like the poor guy in Peterborough who faces more jail time than his attacker.

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Kevin Moran

(Sadly you’re probably right. The actions of this young man likely saved lives)


There is a perfect storm of pressures brewing and it is not just interest rates, job loss, illness, credit debt or rising cost of living, One, is that Investors and developers will want assurances that the homes they build can sell and not below their costs. I just got my insurance renewal policy and they are asking for an additional $1,000 per year and I have a never made a claim. This adds another $90 per month to home ownership. Carbon tax added hundreds of dollars to the costs of ownership as well. Everything that is put into building a home from sewer connections, paving the roads, sidewalks, digging ditches and making curbs went up on April Fools’ Day. Home affordability is just getting harder, one drip at a time.

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Brian Mellor

(It’s one thing trying to even get into the housing market, then all of these additional fines, levies and fees make it even more punitive)


Re “Kristen’s dad dies at 92” (Jane Stevenson, April 18): My condolences to the French family who have lost a husband and father. I’m sure Doug French’s life was filled with sadness at the loss of his daughter Kristen. I hope he is finally at peace.

Karen Benz

(It is difficult to imagine just how hard it would have been to move in from losing his daughter the way he did. May he rest in peace)


Jews in Toronto and all over Ontario — on the streets, in the malls, at graffitied and firebombed synagogues, while shopping or eating, working, inside high school and university classrooms and campuses — are needing to defend themselves against verbal and physical threats, altercations and intimidation, constantly. But the highest and more immediate priority is ‘banning the banning’ of the keffiyeh; the conflagrating, ongoing egregious symbol of ‘from the river to the sea’ and Mein Kampf? How about that Premier Ford?

Victor Redlick

(Our Jewish community needs to be protected and feel safe, that should be the priority. Ford should have stayed out of it and simply disagree with – but respect the Speaker’s decision)

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