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I suspect that a majority of citizens disagree with Bonny Ocean’s letter of April 2. In order for someone to receive respect, they must also respect the other party.

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Ms. Gondek has demonstrated countless times that she does not respect the citizens of this city by pushing her personal agenda and ignoring citizens.

She is unpopular because for the most part does the opposite of what the public needs or wants.

Gondek isn’t solely to blame, her like minded minions on council blindly vote for whatever she suggests.

K. Bedier

(Did you sign the petition to oust her?)

MPs haven’t earned a raise

Funny how on last night’s news the focus was on minimum wage increases, beer and liquor rate increases, carbon tax increase, but not one mention of our federal elected officials getting a hefty pay increase for doing absolutely nothing but running our country into the ground. 

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Thanks for nothing.

Peter Szecsy

(When you are as out of touch as they are of course you think you’re rocking it.)

Flags won’t cause change

Here we go again. The same folks that complained about masks are now firing their complaints against the carbon tax.

Flying the Canadian flag, as if that justifies their upsetness.

The tax is not accepted by all Canadians, but it is a fact. And OUR government is not backing down, nor will they.

One way to express your opinion is to VOTE. Something very few Canadians do. But they do wave flags.

Express your opinion and vote. That is how a democracy works and Canada is a democracy.

Tom Bulger

(We completely agree, but sometimes elected officials don’t do as promised during the election.)

Wishing it was a joke

Read your GOTCHA article in Tuesday’s paper. You forgot to mention Trudeau’s carbon tax increase to fund MP pay increases. Alas, it turned out that wasn’t a joke.

Perry Huber

(We assume they are laughing all the way to the bank.)

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