Britons can slash the cost of their food shop bills by planning effectively and using certain apps, a money expert has said.

Financial Times columnist and host of the Money Clinic podcast, Claer Barrett, took to ITV’s show today to share her top tips, as well as the supermarket savings apps she “swears by”.

Ms Barrett told viewers: “The food shop – week in, week out – what we’re paying money on, is up 80 percent in a year.”

Presenter and journalist Kate Quilton, who co-led the segment weighed in: “Our lives have got really expensive. Everything’s gone up, which is beyond our control.”

However, she noted: “A place where you have a bit of control is shopping and your groceries. People are shopping around because they’ve got to and this affects everybody.

“Ultimately, the best thing you can do is planning, and there are loads of things that factor in here. It’s how you use your freezer – making sure that nothing is wasted, and there are lots of other added benefits.

“When you do this, you’re minimising food waste. And when you cook from scratch and batch cook and plan what you’re eating for the week, you can often eat better nutritionally.”

Additionally, Ms Barrett said: “It is food waste day. So we thought it was a good time to talk about the Too Good To Go app.

“How this works is, it’s an app you can get on your phone across the UK. In cities – places where there are lots of supermarkets, takeaways and restaurants – you’ve got the most choice.

“In the afternoon, you sign up for a surprise bag. It’s guaranteed to be at least 50 percent, if not more, than the price it would cost normally. Then, at closing time, shops have got the leftover food they pop in.”

Presenting a Too Good to Go bag picked up by the Lorraine team from Greggs, Ms Barrett showed a bag that cost £2.50 but included an array of sandwiches, baguettes and sausage rolls.

Ms Barrett continued: “Of course, all of this needs to be eaten, but if you do the supermarket deal – all of the supermarkets are up to this as well – you can get fresh vegetables, meat, and things you can either make into a meal or even freeze and keep for another time. So it’s well worth knowing about.”

Another app Ms Barrett said she “swears by” is “The Trolley”. She explained: “It’s an app and a website trolley.

“There are so many offers at different times and you think, is this really a good deal? Is it worth me spending some money here and stocking up on a particular item, especially if it’s a branded item? Trolley will let you compare.

“You can whip it out in the aisle and have a look. This is what we’re having to do now – having to really game plan the things that we buy and change our habits.

“Shift down to own brand to save some cash, and it’s almost like we have to live a bit differently. You’ve got to be more organised.”

Ms Quilton added: “You have to run your kitchen differently. Before you go shopping, check what you’ve got in the fridge, and think what’s for dinner the next seven nights? It takes time but it’s so worth it.”

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