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We apologize for the long wait. Our office is located in Ukraine, and in connection with the russian war, work was interrupted due to lack of electricity in the country. Currently, we are resuming full-fledged work.

Good day. Thank you for contacting us. If the article is informative or social – it will be published free of charge. Please send article format DOCx for publishing. specify the resource

commercial article:

Writing a unique article up to 1000 words – 20 USD

Add a link to an existing article (+ banner or logo)  – 10 USD

Posting  article – 20 USD (3 or more article – discount 33%)

Payment  – Payoneer, PayPal, BTC

your article (up to 1000 word) + external links (up to 10) + indexing google and bing

Banner :   10,000 views – 50 USD (after advertising we publish full analytics in PDF)

 How many do-follow links are included?    to 10
 How much do you charge per extra do-follow link?    nothing
 Do you accept niches such as CBD, Casino, Loans, Crypto,   Vaping articles?    yes
 What kind of anchor text do you allow on the article?    any
 How long does the content stay on your website?    3 years (forever)
 Do you have a minimum word length for content?    1000 word, 10 images
 Will the post be labeled/marked Sponsored?    optional
 What is the maximum number of posts you’ll accept each   month?    no limit

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Resourch for adversting:

Add news or an event, issue in your area or city. The editorial office will check the message and publish it in case of positive moderation.